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How Many Beers Have You Tried?

23rd Sep 2014

How many beers have you tried? A very challenging task indeed when you consider the many years and places you’ve enjoyed a beer!

We’ve found the task so hard, that we’ve had to employ technology to assist. This has come in the form of a mobile phone app called Untappd, but there are many others that also exist (Ratebeer, Pintley, Beer Universe among others).

Untappd works well for a couple of reasons:

-It lets you keep track of everything you’ve tried, so you can always remember what you’ve had in the past

-It lets you rate the beers you taste on a simple 5 star scale - perfect for recalling those beers you’ve loved – and those you’ve hated

-It allows you to interact with others on the app, so you can see the great beers they’re drinking, or have a conversation about a specific beer

We consider our Untappd account to be a bit of a bible for reminding ourselves what we thought of specific beer, and while we don’t manage to rate every beer we try, we’re closing in on the 1,000 beer mark – not bad when we’ve only been using it for a couple of years. Making it somewhat easier to hit the 1,000 mark has been our approach of trying to taste a wide range of beers, rather than multiples of the same beer.

If you do go down the line of using an Untappd account or similar our recommendation is that while it is a very nifty little app to use there is always a time and place…. we’ve found our better halves aren’t always keen on the idea of beers being “checked in” during dinner! So often we’ll check in the beer the next day, or when we get a bit of spare time.

So if you are interested, sign-up to Untappd here and follow us on Untappd here.