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1st Mar 2018

One area we’ve always wanted to focus on but have never quite enough time to dedicate to are beer events. We’ve had in store tastings and each year we host a Sydney Beer Week event, but outside of these the beer events we’ve had were a random occurrence.

The good news is this is changing!

With the enthusiastic dedication of one our team, Lachlan McLean, we have created an exciting roster of beer events to be held throughout the year and the demand for these events is growing fast.

If you are in Sydney (or visiting) here are some of our most popular events:

Beer 101: Introduction to Craft Beer

This is an informative introduction into the world of craft beer. You will be presented with 5 different styles from 5 Australian breweries.

A Hop Extravaganza: IPA Masterclass

Hops, hops and more hops. The India Pale Ale craze has well and truly taken over the world. In this 2 hour Masterclass we look at everything there is to know about the world’s most loved craft beer style.

The Red Devil: Belgium Beer Tasting

This is an in depth look at the fantastic world of Belgium beer. From sours and lambics, to the wonderful Trappist Beers, we dive into everything there is to know about this famous brewing country.

If you’re outside of Sydney, we are re-introducing our live stream beer tastings! It was a world first when we did some back in 2014, but unfortunately the tech proved a little too complex to have as an ongoing event. Thankfully with the evolution of Facebook live videos things have become a lot easier. The essence of these tastings is you buy the beers online, we ship them out to you and you tune in on the night to listen to the brewer – just as if they were in your lounge room!

Keep an eye out for these events on Eventbrite, our Facebook page or by visiting

Enjoy this months pack, it features our first ever New England IPA! #hazecraze


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