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​Mismatch Chocolate Stout⠀

​Mismatch Chocolate Stout⠀

18th Jul 2019

Beer description: This limited edition is one of our favourite styles, Choc Oatmeal Stout, because of the creamy velvet texture and the chocolate and coffee characters from the roast malt - this beer nails both of those qualities.⠀

We’ve packed in a massive malt bill including heaps of rolled oats. This creates a lovely creamy mouth feel and thick dense head, which laces the glass with each sip.⠀

The ABV is light on coming at only 5.6% which makes this complex beer approachable & easy to enjoy. It’s extremely well balanced but leaves you feeling like you’ve had a brew with substance.⠀

We added a little bit of vanilla during the boil and post fermentation. We didn’t add too much as it was added for a subtle hint, as the glass warms up you should get tiny bursts.⠀

Available online & in store:⠀

Photo by: @mismatchbrewing