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​Mismatch Cryo Pop Imperial Hazy IPA 500ml Can

​Mismatch Cryo Pop Imperial Hazy IPA 500ml Can

13th Dec 2021

Available online & in store:⠀

Beer Description: Having a few hazy beers under our belt now, it was time to let the brewers run wild. The result, a super hazy juice bomb chock full of hops. The team played around with hops and settled on a combo that would produce a punchy tropical hazy with a zingy citrus lift.⠀

A thick, lush head settled on a golden hazy hue is what you will get when you pour this beer into your favourite glass. As you take in the aromas, ripe pineapple and tropical fruit nuances will be at the forefront. Bitterness upfront that quickly dissipates and is replaced by tropical sweetness and a pillowy mouthfeel.⠀

Great Photo by: @readysteadydrink