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​Mismatch Lager

​Mismatch Lager

1st May 2020

Beer description: In today's fast paced world, the art of patience has been lost. The key to a great lager is time, and our method of step mashing and prolonged lagering produces a beer that is gracefully smooth and refined.⠀

An elegant and clean lager, inspired by the great helles style beers of germany. Celebrating the famed hallertau hops and their earthy, herbaceous tones and acclaimed aromatics, this low alpha hop variety creates a smooth and drinkable beer.⠀

We used w-34/70 yeast from fermentis, the famous strain from weihenstephan, (the worlds oldest brewery), which creates a distinct ester profile and clean floral/fruity aromatics, while the extended lagering time allows our lager to have that smooth drinkability.⠀