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​Mismatch Strawberry Berliner Weisse

​Mismatch Strawberry Berliner Weisse

13th Mar 2020

Beer description: Bubbly, effervescent and refreshing is the best way to describe our Strawberry Berliner Weisse.⠀

We soured this BW in our brewhouse kettle with the assistance of lactobacillus bacteria. Kept overnight at 30 degrees under a blanket of CO2. Once the wort’s pH drops to the target 3.5 (approx) we pasteurise it to ensure we keep bacteria fermentation isolated to the kettle.⠀

As we transfer to the fermenter we pump fresh strawberry juice into the Whirlpool to co-ferment with our freshly brewed wort.⠀

Visually, expect a light hay colour with a slight shade of pink. Aroma is a mix of subtle fresh field strawberry’s, wheat and light funk. Overall this beer is light, refreshing and moorish.⠀