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Mixing It Up With an International Selection

1st Nov 2017

As the old saying goes, variety is the spice of life. And that's what we look to deliver with our monthly beer club – providing you with an interesting selection of beers from different breweries every month.

We see our beer club as a chance for you to try and learn about beers you wouldn't otherwise access, and to be taken on a journey into the world of good beer with every brew you try. While we are major supporters of the Australian craft beer scene, this month we thought we'd mix it up with an all international affair.

If you receive our dozen or 24 pack you'll find three US breweries and one from the United Kingdom (for those who get a half dozen selection you’ll get two US breweries and one from the United Kingdom).

Of the three US breweries, one Sierra Nevada, was central to the craft beer revolution which began in the United States in the late 1970s. This revolution has since take the world by storm, through the creation of modern, flavourful and brilliantly constructed beers. Of the other two, Goose Island began in the late 80s and Kona in the early 90s which was when the first major spike in craft breweries in the US began. Today there are over 5,000 breweries in America with a new one starting every day of the year!

And while that does sound incredible, consider this – in Australia we have one-thirteenth of the population of the US, but one-tenth the number of craft breweries, with over 500 in existence. On a per capita basis Australia outperforms the US – the country where the craft brewing revolution began with more breweries per thousand people!