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​Modus Operandi Sour 1 Apricot & Sea Salt ⠀

​Modus Operandi Sour 1 Apricot & Sea Salt ⠀

16th Nov 2020

Beer description: Can you smell it? It’s almost summer. The weather is warming up, everyone is a little more stoked & the Aussie stonefruit season is kicking off.⠀

We found ourselves in Apricot Fields (as you do) and picked a s&*t load of fresh, succulent Apricots & dusted them with a little Sea Salt to create this refreshing Summer Apricot Sour.⠀

The magic combination of Apricot, with it’s natural sweetness and an old kiwi hop favourite Riwaka (amongst others) is fuelled with Passionfruit and Grapefruit character, bringing a symphony of summer flavours together in a lightly Sea Salted Sour, ensuring you quench for more and that little juice trickle down the side ensures a smile on your dial.⠀

Available online & in store:⠀

Photo by: @the_craftbeer_butcher⠀