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Mornington Nitro ESB Can, Murray's Coffee Wild Thing & $650 of FREE Craft Beer Vouchers

24th Jun 2016

In this video Geoff from Beer Cartel looks at the  Mornington Peninsula Dog's Bollocks ESB Nitro beer can, a first for an Australian brewer. 

He also looks at the following new beers:
Wild Thing Coffee Imperial Stout from Murrays Brewing in Bobs Farm NSW, an imperial stout which uses 1,000 espresso shots in the brew.

- New single batch  IIPA from Blackmans Brewery in Torquay Victoria which he reviews as being in the same league as Pirate Life IIPA.

And finally he reveals how everyone can access over $650 of FREE craft beer vouchers, discounts and freebies through Beer Cartel by visiting this page on our website