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​Mountain Culture Tonya Milkshake IPA

​Mountain Culture Tonya Milkshake IPA

9th Apr 2021

Beer description: Tonya may look sweet but one way or the other she will get you.⠀

We’ve heard some suggest that adding lactose to make an Oat Cream IPA is “cheating” so we thought, why not double down on that. We made our most indulgent Oat Cream IPA, nay, beer so far by adding double the amount of lactose. Then we just kept “cheating” because it was so exciting by adding double Cryo Citra and a touch of pineapple puree.⠀

It’s so easy to drink that it will make its competitors weak in the knees!⠀

Available online & in store:⠀

Photo by: @the_kiwi_craft_beer_explorer_