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​Mountain Goat / Garage Project Horn Please Chili Chai Imperial Stout⠀

​Mountain Goat / Garage Project Horn Please Chili Chai Imperial Stout⠀

16th Sep 2019

Beer description: For brewers, Good Beer Week is like being a kid in a candy shop. With so many beer events, new beers to try and a city full of people who love great beer, it’s hard not to feel inspired. There are also lots of great beer people in the city, and when our Innovation Brewer Alana bumped into Garage Project’s Pete Gillespie at an event in 2017, they wasted no time planning a collaboration brew. As tends to happen, brewing schedules fill up and before we knew it, almost two years had passed before everyone was together in the brewery. Given the time that we had all waited, we wanted this beer to make a statement, and this chai-infused Imperial Milk Stout definitely makes a statement!⠀

A blend of ten malts and lactose was used to create a smooth, velvety stout, to which we added a hefty dose of masala chai from Melbourne’s Chai Addict. For an extra kick, we then added habanero chillies, as well as some home-grown ghost chillies from Alana’s garden. The resulting beer is a magic bus ride to planet flavour.⠀

Available online & in store:⠀

Photo by: @goatbeer⠀