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​Newstead Grizzly Oatmeal Stout 375ml Can

​Newstead Grizzly Oatmeal Stout 375ml Can

9th Jun 2021

Beer description: We’ve all heard the cautionary tale. A badly behaved golden-haired individual breaks and enters a cottage, destroys the furniture inside and enjoys an oatmeal porridge or three only to be met with the menace of something grizzly. Although we don’t condone illegal and selfish behaviour, we understand that a warm bowl of oatmeal can be too tempting to turn down.⠀

Inspired by oats, we’ve brewed Grizzly. A malt heavy stout, that includes three different types of oats to create a creamy mouth feel that’s just right. Enjoy a uniquely smooth texture and rich, velvet, chocolate flavours, concluding with a firm roasty finish.⠀

Available online & in store:⠀

Photo by: @newsteadbrewingco