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​Nomad Champers Brut IPA

​Nomad Champers Brut IPA

29th Jan 2019

Available online & in store:

Beer description: 4th Birthday celebration release. The beer is a homage to a celebratory bottle of Champagne as well as Nomad’s method of conditioning which arguably is the reason for Champagne in the first place. The story goes Belgium monks taught the traditional brewing conditioning method to French monks to make the left over wine more approachable by carbonating it. Brut style is certainly the ‘in-beer’ but be prepared for this unique experience! Incredibly dry, with little to no malt flavour or sweetness. The hop aromas and flavour shine through for a true hop juice experience. Big aromas of tropical fruit, lemon, passionfruit and pineapple.

Photo by: @nomadbrewingco