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​Nomad/Lervig Super Dooper Sonic Triple IPA⠀

​Nomad/Lervig Super Dooper Sonic Triple IPA⠀

6th Aug 2019

Beer description: When our good friends from Lervig paid us a visit, we thought it was obvious as we both brewed produce a beer called Supersonic to combine these double IPA’s to create an almighty triple IPA. Not for the faint hearted, we have loaded this with hops and malts to bring it up to a whopping 10%. As we love native ingredients at Nomad, we also added on of our favourite in Lemon Myrtle. What you’ll find is a balance of flavour and hop bitterness to create an amazing triple IPA experience⠀

Available online & in store:⠀

Photo by:@nomadbrewingco