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​One Drop Quadzilla Quadruple Hopped Pale Ale

​One Drop Quadzilla Quadruple Hopped Pale Ale

31st Jul 2020

Beer description: QUADZILLA!!! Screams from the street at an unstoppable monster of hops… A Kveik Pale Ale with a burdensome amount of oat that’s hopped beyond recognition. This monster takes us all hostage. Our only defense, The Juice Division, commanded by our house kveik yeast blend and backed up with a heavy barrage of lush tropic hits from rare, mythical hops like Jester from the UK, Samba from the USA, and NZH 107, an experimental variety from NZ.⠀

Like tearing apart an island and devouring it like a fruit salad, there is no stopping the violently tropical destruction that will ensue upon opening. You have been warned.⠀

Available online & in store:⠀

Photo by: @thecraftybois⠀