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Our Top 10 Craft Beer Predictions for 2016

13th Jan 2016

Each year we take the opportunity to make some predictions about what the year ahead has in store for craft beer. Here are our top 10 predictions for 2016: 

  1. Even more new beers coming onto the market as new breweries continue to open up, with regional breweries becoming more of a “thing”. These regional breweries are more likely to be nano-breweries, which means very small production and the perfect little treat while on holidays. 
  2. India Pale Ales (IPA) will still be the beer style of preference among craft beer enthusiasts but other left of field styles like sours and farmhouse ales will  experience growth as well.
  3. More craft lagers will be released by breweries. Think along the lines of what is already available from Mornington, Wayward, Young Henrys, Akasha and Fortitude. These aren’t Euro mega swill lagers but well crafted beers using new age hops, and will assist in getting more mainstream beer drinkers into craft beer. 
  4. Cans. Cans. Cans. This little aluminium vessel will continue to grow in popularity among brewers and craft beer drinkers. Expect to see more beers in cans, which is great given the benefits they offer – freshness, increased quality, less breakable.
  5. Collaboration brews where multiple breweries get together to create a beer will continue to be popular.
  6. More independent breweries both here and overseas will be bought out by multinationals as they try to increase their foothold in the craft beer market and alleviate the decline of market share that mainstream beer is experiencing. 
  7. Hop shortages will become more common as global demand continues to surge. This will mean some beers may become unavailable or breweries will need to “buy up” on hops or change the hop profiles of some of their beers.
  8. Beers from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and The Netherlands will increase in demand as awareness of the quality beers these nations produce increases.
  9. Expect to see a greater range of craft beer on tap at your local pub/bar. Metropolitan venues will continue to offer variety but even more pubs and bars in the suburbs and in regional areas will begin to offer craft beer.
  10. Greater transparency on beer labelling with regards to the provenance of the beer and whether it is brewed by a specific brewery or under contract.

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