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Pale Ale Beer

24th Oct 2012

Pale Ale is unsurprisingly a style of ale, using warm fermentation and pale malt. It is major beer style found throughout the world. The ‘pale ale’ term is thought to originate around the 1700’s reflecting beers made from malts that were dried with coke, which caused a lighter colour.

There are two main types of Pale AlesAmerican Pale Ales and English Pale Ales.

American Pale Ales are typically light in colour, ranging from golden to light copper. Their style is most defined by the American hops used which typically have high bitterness and aroma.

In contrast English Pale Ales are not pale, but moreso a golden to copper colour. They use an English hop character, with greater malt character than American Pale Ales.

Pale Ales in Australia are share characteristics from both English Pale Ales and their American counterparts; they have a solid malt profile, with aroma more consistent with American Pale Ales, though are less bitter.