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​Pirate Life Zappa IPA

​Pirate Life Zappa IPA

28th Aug 2020

Beer description: His name is synonymous with the eclectic, the prolific, and the avant-garde. So when CLS Farms in the Yakima Valley released a hop honouring the legendary musician Frank “Zappa”, we naturally got on board.⠀

Discovered growing wild in the hills of New Mexico, this varietal is the ideal candidate for a single hopped IPA. Much like the artist, it displays a host of unique characteristics - and with over 70 kg in the brew itself, you’ll likely experience them all.⠀

The beer is golden, with a head that’ll cling to your lip. Expect aromas of pineapple and stone-fruit, with lifted notes of mint and spice. On the palate, a simple grain bill lets Zappa take centre stage - after all, that’s where a star belongs.⠀

Available online & in store:⠀

Photo by: @sargebeer365⠀