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​Quiet Deeds Nuke Point DDH IPA⠀

​Quiet Deeds Nuke Point DDH IPA⠀

27th May 2019

Beer description: Dry Hopped during fermentation with copious amounts of El Dorado, Kohatu, and Southern Cross (12g/L to be exact). This Australian IPA has an intensely NZ and American twist.⠀

The motto at Deeds Brewing is “whatever it takes!”. And this ethos was paramount when we decided what to do next. Every month we will brew a single batch. We will ship it directly from the fermenter, to venues that will store and stock it cold. And if it’s still there on the shelf after thirty days, we push a big red button on it and nuke it maintaining a 30 Day freshness guarantee.⠀

Available online & in store:⠀

Photo by: @quietdeeds