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​Revel/Big Shed Neo-Mexicanus Black IPA 375ml Can

​Revel/Big Shed Neo-Mexicanus Black IPA 375ml Can

9th Aug 2021

Beer description: Teaming up with our friends from South Australia - Big Shed Brewing, we bring you this Neo-Mexicanus hopped Black IPA.⠀

Neo-Mexicanus hops are described as wild and rebellious, and are native to the mountains of New Mexico. Providing unique flavours in the beer including tropical fruit, coconut, tobacco, and purple.⠀

The triangle represents our synaesthesia of bringing the flavours of these three hops together, in perfect harmony, to create this unique and tasty beer!⠀

Black IPA with rad hops - badass!⠀

Avalaible online & in store:⠀

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