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​Sailors Grave Down She Gose.

​Sailors Grave Down She Gose.

10th May 2017

Awesome photo by: @kirsty_gannon

Beer description: A heirloom style of beer, the Gose (pronounced Go-zuh) has history stretching back 100 years to the town of Goslar in Germany. Dry, golden and subtly tart, it has a delicate salty tang and is extremely sessionable and thirst quenching. Anyone who has added a wedge of lemon to their Mexican lager will appreciate the character of this beer. Pale straw gold in colour with a fluffy white head, our Gose is a combination of Pilsner, Wheat and Acidulated malts with subtle floral/citrus and delicate salty tartness. We add locally harvested seaweed for a minerally marine touch. This is one for the beach and great for anyone who appreciates a lighter bodied, refreshing beer.

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