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​Sailors Grave Drowned Man IPA

​Sailors Grave Drowned Man IPA

15th May 2017

Cool photo by: @chick_who_digs_hops

Beer description: A hybrid style that takes the thirst quenching ‘sessionability’ of a Pale Ale and adds the complexity and character of IPA hop aromas and flavours. It lacks the aggressive bittering of a standard IPA allowing for a more easy-going drinking experience. Drowned man is a rich honeyed gold with a clean, crisp malt profile. It is medium bodied with an almost creamy mouthfeel and a subtle, thirst quenching bitterness. Hefty dry hopping with Australian and US hops add citrus, melon and stonefruit juiciness with a little resinous pine along the ride. This is a beer equally at home in a sweltering Summer camp-ground as it is around the table paired with charcuterie and antipasti.

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