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​Sauce Strawberry Dreamshake IPA 375ml Can ⠀

​Sauce Strawberry Dreamshake IPA 375ml Can ⠀

30th Aug 2021

Beer description: Originally brewed as a pilot batch earlier in the year, when we went through two kegs of Strawberries & Cream IPA in under 4 hours, we knew something was up.⠀

So we bought a shedload of strawberry puree, ramped up the hops and ABV, and scaled it up to a big batch.⠀

It’s smooth, creamy, semi-sweet and unmistakably reminiscent of those strawberry & cream lollies we used to gobble as kids (and to be honest, as adults).⠀

Avalaible online & in store:⠀

Photo by: @the_kiwi_craft_beer_explorer_