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Scientists find Moon water ideal for Indian Pale Ales

1st Apr 2011

Space scientists in America have come across a discovery that has brewers and beer lovers throughout the world buzzing with excitement. Moon water, which was collected during the last Moon landing, has been analysed to find it has the perfect molecular makeup for brewing Indian Pale Ales (IPAs). Max Foolman, one of the scientist who came across the finding, said it represented an amazing potential opportunity for the beer society throughout the world, “Brewers have always known that the trace elements contained in water from different areas have always made it more beneficial to brew certain styles of beer in that area. Today’s finding shows that moon water is perfect for IPA’s”.

Mr Foolman made reference to the high calcium, high sulphate and relatively low sodium content in water used to brew in Burton-on-Trent (England) which makes it ideal for producing Indian Pale Ales and the low-alkaline water in Pilsen (Czech Republic) which makes it ideal for creating Pilsner style beers, as proof that water in different areas does create certain beers ideal for that area. “This finding really is groundbreaking” Mr Foolman said, “even using the tiniest amount of Moon water in a batch of IPA is likely to have beneficial effects”.

It will however be some time before brewers can access any Moon water, as the water collected after the last Moon landing has been allocated to further scientific testing. We believe this discovery will benefit the brewing world, however it will be sometime before Moon water can be harnessed for brewing. It’s an exciting time to be in the brewing industry with all the brewing innovations over the past few years. While this represents a fantastic opportunity we are unlikely to see IPA’s with Moon water soon – maybe when Virgin Galactic begins making trips to the Moon all this will change!