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Show us your Growler!

25th Jul 2012

Earlier in the year (2011) Beer Cartel made the decision to open a bottle shop in Artarmon, on Sydney’s North Shore. Our aim is to become Sydney’s premier craft beer store, bringing the amazing flavours created in craft breweries throughout Australia and overseas to the homes of customers.

In the past few months it has been with much excitement (and thirsty lips!) that we have seen our product range grow significantly. We now stock over 120 beers including world renowned brewers such as Nogne OBrewDogMikkeller and Rogue

Looking to further widen our beer range we are releasing a growler offer – a true first for Sydney! 

For those that don’t know, a growler is a two litre container which is filled straight from the keg, then sealed with a twist-cap, with a sticker applied displaying information on the beer style, origin and alcohol content. Through these growlers we are now able to provide keg fresh beer! 

For you the beer enthusiast it means those seasonal batches that craft breweries around Australia brew in keg format, but never put in bottles, will be available for purchase outside the brewery. We see this as a really exciting opportunity and can’t wait to start beginning to get a range of keg beers in store – any beers you would love to see please let us know. 

Individual growlers will be retailing for $15, with prices for filling the growler around $20-$35, dependent on the beer style, alcohol content and country of origin (kegs from Antarctica are expected to be real expensive). 

The first growler fills are to commence Saturday 6th August, pouring The Butcher Porter from Rocks Brewing. This is a based on a traditional Robust Porter but with a twist from the norm, using chocolate malt to darken and flavour the beer. 

We can’t wait! 

[UPDATE] To see what is currently pouring for growlers and squealer fills please visit out Sydney Craft Beer Store Page.