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​Sparkke Climate Change Is A Burning Issue Red Ale

​Sparkke Climate Change Is A Burning Issue Red Ale

31st Jul 2020

Beer description: The Sparkke brew crew have modernised an American style red ale, with a focus on flavour rather than high alcohol. This red’s balanced sweetness and hop intensity make it moreish and downright delicious.⠀

Trialling new and exciting reipes at our Whitmore nano-brewery for the last 12 months, we’ve made some excellent brews (and some fun and experimental brews). However none more loved than our Red Ale; so much so we’ve decided to put it in cans to share with the rest of Australia.⠀

A tasteful hop presence reminiscent of summer stone fruit and resinous pine, with a ricy malty structure resembling dark fruit and toffee. Undeniably drinkable!⠀

Campaign - Climate Change Is A Burning Issue ⠀

“Our House Is On Fire” – Greta Thunberg⠀

Scientists have given us a decade to find solutions to our climate crisis. History has taught us that we can meet this challenge, but we have to act now. It’s on all of us.⠀

Available online & in store:⠀

Photo by: @sparkkechange⠀