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Sydney's Growing Craft Beer Scene

Posted by richard on 21st Sep 2011

Just a few short years ago Sydney was a bit of a craft beer desert, Melbourne and WA were seeing a lot of action, while Sydney had tumbleweeds flying through it.

In the last six months however there has been rapid growth in the industry, with small bars looking for tastier products and new breweries opening or existing ones expanding to fulfil demand. Below is a quick outline of some of the feverish activity that has, or is taking place in Sydney from a brewery perspective.

Rocks Brewing, Alexandria – a shiny new brewery has just been built which will provide a brewing home to the Rocks Brewing beer range. The brewery (which is awesome) has capacity for 1 million litres per annum, which will allow other breweries to also utilise the equipment as it will take Rocks Brewing a while to grow into it’s fabulous new shoes.

Batch Brewing, Marrickville – started by two Americans just before Christmas, this place is pumping out awesome, full flavoured, US influenced beers. It is also being used by Wayward Brewing and the newly created Shenanigans Brewing.

Riverside Brewing, Parramatta – established just two years ago, Riverside are creating beers that are winning lots of plaudits. As a result the brewery is continually hitting capacity. To cope additional tanks are being brought in and a larger site is being sought.

4 Pines, Brookvale – another brewing company doing big things and now with a new large brewery to match.

Nomad Brewing Co, Brookvale – currently still in development, this brewery will see some of the best brewers from all over the world come to Sydney to create one off speciality brews, producing what is sure to be amazing beers – very exciting!