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The 13th Best Beer in the World

1st Mar 2017

In Beer Club Issue #84 (October 2016) we wrote about the 12 Best Beers In The World. In case you missed it the article was also posted to our blog:

It’s a bit of a tongue and cheek “Top Beer List”…

One of our readers clearly pointed out that we missed out the critical “shower/bath beer”. This got us thinking. While we had seen, heard and read about shower beers we had not thought much about bath beers.

Was one better than the other? What are the pros and cons of each? Here’s our take on each:

Shower Beer

1.The ultimate lifehack for pre-game / pre-outing efficiency. Clean yourself up while enjoying a brew – it is a game changer for time efficiency.

2.There’s a higher risk of slipping. It’s wet and you’re drinking an alcoholic beverage. Best to keep it to an easy drinking a pale ale or a mid strength.

3.There’s potential for water in your beer. You’ll need to consider where you put your beer in between sips. And forget about using a glass, it’s a no go zone for glassware.

4.Cans are the ultimate vessel for showers, glass bottles break after all, and in a wet slippery environment that’s an important thing to consider. Perhaps shower beers are partly to blame for the increase of craft beers in cans?

Bath Beer

1.Using glassware is much easier and highly recommended. As a result the selection of beer is endless as it doesn’t matter if it comes in a can or bottle.

2.There’s higher risk of drowning. Again make sure you go for a moderate beer and nothing that’ll cause drowsiness!... And never bathe after a drinking session.

3.No potential of water in your beer, unless you drop it in the tub, and then its game over.

So what’s the best? Well it depends on your requirements. Shower beers are hands down the best for efficiency, while bath beers are great for relaxation and enjoyment.

Regardless of your preference, we trust you’ll enjoy the beers in this months pack!