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The 2017 Australian Home Brewer Survey

8th Mar 2017

In 2016 we created the Australian Craft Beer Survey .

It was a massive success.

Over 8,000 people took part in the survey and all results were given back to the industry to support its growth.

The results were even featured at the Craft Beer Industry Association’s annual conference.

You can see the results here .

For 2017 we will doing it all over again, hopefully bigger and better.

But this year we also thought we’d create the Australian Home Brewer Survey.


Well before getting into Craft Beer we were involved in Market Research.

It was our bread & butter.

We literally lived the numbers.

Wanting to give back to the home brewing industry that helped to create people’s love in craft beer is a no brainer for us.

So how will the survey work?

We’ve created a fun & interesting survey relating to home brewing in Australia.

It takes around 7 minutes to complete.

All the results will be made available to the industry to help its growth.

And as an incentive every person that takes part will be entered into the draw to win $500 to spend at their favourite home brew store.

What if I’m a home brew store? What's in it for me?

The good news is that if you promote this to your customer base we’ll provide you with a customised report that specifically looks at your customer base.

The findings should be really useful for helping to make business decisions and helping to grow your business.

We’ll be launching the survey on 20 th March and look to run it over a 2-3 week period.

So what sort of information will you be collecting?

We'll be looking to get information on:
- How people brew
- What equipment they're using 
- What ingredients they're using 
- Attitudes to home brewing
+ much, much more.

Why are you (Beer Cartel) doing this?

For us there are multiple benefits for us doing this:
- We're passionate about craft beer and see home brewing as a gateway to this - it therefore allows us to give back
- We want to build more awareness about us as an organisation
- It helps us to be seen as thought leaders within the beer space
If you want to get involved simply contact me below.


Richard Kelsey
Beer Cartel
[email protected]
0405 251 864