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The burgeoning growth of craft beer in America

10th Jan 2013

I recently watched a ‘Hopumentary’ on the burgeoning craft beer industry in the  US. It is interesting in every aspect. Craft beer is literally booming - it is an industry that is providing significant employment. While craft beer accounts for 7% of all beer sold in America it reportedly accounts for 50% of employment – a MASSIVE thing and perhaps something to consider for the current and future Australian government? – maybe it’s better to invest in the craft beer industry than the ailing motor industry!

Craft beer is also creating culture and communities. Brewpubs and funky craft beers bars are the place to be, to go and catch up with friends – they are not the place for drinking to excess but rather appreciating what is in front of you.

Looking to the States is said to be a good indicator of the future of craft beer in Australia, and if that is true it has me excited. At the moment I think there is little differentiation across the beers produced in Australia, particularly the pale ales – it seems the current thought is that all you need to do is make a craft beer and everyone will buy it. Thankfully this is not the case for everyone and those who have an established presence in the market such as  HolgateBridge RdMurrays and Mountain Goat are leading the way, producing consistent, high quality product. This quality issue was a speed hump in the growth of craft beer in the US ten to twenty years ago – if we have a focused effort to improve quality it will benefit the Australian industry as a whole.

Check out the Hopumentary below.