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The future of Coopers is Clear

17th Mar 2010

Last week Coopers Brewery announced their latest additions to the Coopers family of beers – Coopers Clear. The beer has been designed with the flavour ‘toned down’ to have greater appeal to mainstream beer drinkers while enjoying the quality of the ‘Coopers experience’. The beer is a low carb beer – another for those watching their waist lines! Apparently this fact will not be pushed, instead focusing on its ability to refresh. Its main competitors are the likes of Corona, Tooheys Extra Dry and Pure Blonde

Coopers Executive Chairman Glenn Cooper said, “Traditional Coopers beer drinkers enjoy a full flavoured beer. Coopers Clear is a refreshing, lively beer. It’s perfectly brewed and styled to give all beer drinkers access to the Coopers passion for quality and taste.” The product is available in a clear 355ml bottle, in a Euro Sleek can, and on tap.

Look forward to tasting it once I can find it!

For an interesting interview by Australian Brews News editor, Matt Kirkegaard with Glenn Cooper click here.