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The Top 5 Beers in the World

7th May 2015

Within the beer industry there is a crazy amount of top 10 lists that we see going around. From the best breweries, to the best brewing nations, to the beers you must have on your bucket list. The only problem is, as we mentioned in last months issue, beer is subjective. Not just a little bit subjective, but really subjective.

When we come across some of these lists online, and we think they have merit, (again a bit of subjectivity!) we share them via social media. Not surprisingly, we get quite a mixed reaction to these, both positive and negative. With this in mind when we saw a blog post by Logan Thompson on his blog we knew it would likely garner a different response.

His blog post was simply titled “Top 5 Beers in The World” and has a very different spin. His top 5 beers are:

1. The Beer That’s In Your Hand

Simple. It might not be the best beer but at least you have a beer.

2. The Beer You’re Having Next

If you’re able to have more than one beer, then that’s a good thing – right?

3. The Best Beer You Can Remember

This is the best beer you can remember. Not your mate, not Rate Beer, not us – justyou.

4. The Beer That’s Free

Sure not all beers are created equal, but a free beer is just that, free.

5. The Beer You Made

This is the self gratifying beer. You’ve put your heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into it. It’s been made by you and while it might not be the best it is your creation.

Most of our Facebook fans loved Logan’s list. If you are wanting to read his entire blog post head to and while reading it why not tick off number 1 and 2 on his list.