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Top 10 Australian Beers (2017)

Top 10 Australian Beers (2017)

31st Aug 2017

This top 10 beer list of Australia's best beers is an extract from our Ultimate Top 50 Beer list (2017), which combines tens of thousands of beer drinkers' ratings and votes from four industry recognised beer rating platforms; GABS Hottest 100, RateBeer, Untappd and Beer Advocate.

For a complete list of the Top 50 Beers in Australia of 2017 click here, otherwise here's a quick view of the Top 10 Australian Beers (2017).

1. Pirate Life IIPA Imperial (IPA)

Crafting great beer is all about balance. Even in the realm of IIPAs, balance, surprisingly, is still a defining factor. Instead of delicacy in balance, it’s now big flavour in balance.

Pirate Life IIPA is a big beer with big delicious fresh flavours. It features the perfect balance of Big Malt + Big Hops + Big Fermentation.

2. Feral Hop Hog American (Pale Ale)

Get a good whiff of this Feral Brewing Co beast that explodes with citrusy flavours and hop aromas, rounded out with a solid malt backbone.

A farmload of American hops makes Hop Hog a uniquely Feral brew…and just a little fruity.

3. Modus Operandi Former (Tenant Red IPA)

Bursting with aromas of Passionfruit and Mango due to a heavy hand of Mosaic and Galaxy hops, this Ruby Red IPA has a complex blend of citrusy hops and savoury caramel malt flavour followed by a slightly sweet finish.

This beer was lovingly brewed as a memorial to Modus’ Former Tenant's illegal horticultural endeavours. Without their discovery, there would be no brewery in its place.

4. Boatrocker Ramjet Whisky Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (2013 / 2014 / 2015 vintages)* (Imperial Stout)

Ramjet is a limited release English style Imperial Stout aged in Starward Whisky barrels for approximately 6 months.

Big, bold and roasty with delicious notes of whisky and oak.

Rated 100 out of 100 on

5. Feral War Hog IPA (Double IPA)

Prepare to be tagged and bagged as this Full Metal Jacket of an IPA rains an apocalyptic hellfire of clustered hops and passionfruit aromas upon the senses. There's nowhere to hide, so gear up, sound off, and blast "Ride of the Valkyries" at full volume, because, soldier, you're at war.

We love the taste of IPA in the morning. 

6. Murray’s Wild Thing Imperial Stout (Imperial Stout)

Inspired by the great stouts favoured by the Russian Imperial Court, Murray's “Wild Thing” Imperial Stout is a beer fit for a Czar. A massive, intense drinking experience. The colour is black. Totally black. The heart of darkness. Impossible to see through even when held up to the light – nothing insipid about this beer. Aromas of strong dark chocolate, a little fruitiness from the hops and yeast and some rum notes from the alcohol. 

7. Stone & Wood Pacific Ale (Australian Ale)

Brewed using all Australian barley, wheat and Galaxy hops, Pacific Ale is cloudy and golden with a big fruity aroma and a refreshing finish.

It is used to be called "Draught Ale" because it is drawn straight from the storage tank at the brewery and straight into a keg or bottle without filtering or pasteurising. This means that the beer can be enjoyed in the same condition as it is when tried from the tank at the brewery ... simply fresh.

8. Moon Dog Jumping The Shark 2015 (Imperial Stout)

An 18.4% ABV Rye Imperial Stout that spent four months in rye whisky barrels from Tasmania's Belgrove Distillery. A stupidly tasty melange of rich dark chocolate, molasses, hazelnuts and boozy rumminess.

9. Feral Tusk Imperial (IPA)

An Imperial India Pale Ale with bags of spicy sweet fruitiness and a huge dry bitter finish.

An intense bee that is released twice a year on “Tusk Day”. Put Tusk Day in your diary and don’t miss out on this cracker.

10. Nail Clout Stout Imperial (Stout)

Clout Stout is a Russian Imperial Stout brewed for the beer connoisseur with the patience to age his/her beer. Poured from the bottle it is black and thick, initially sweet and full bodied before developing into a smooth, bittersweet finish. 10.6% ABV gives Clout Stout huge complexity and depth - each sip warms and hypnotizes the drinker.