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We’ve had a whole heap of @funk_estate beer land in store...

4th Dec 2016

We’ve had a whole heap of @funk_estate beer land in store recently.

Don’t know much about them?

They’re a small brewery based in Auckland, New Zealand. They were originally located in Wellington, with their beers brewed at different breweries throughout NZ.

At the end of 2015 they bought their own brewery in Auckland where they hope to “funk up” the scene.

We’ve got 7 of their beers in stock including this collaboration with @doctorsorders. Check out the brewers description of this beer:

“Welcome to the stage Dr Funk as he drops his latest eclectic new beat; combining samples of Japanese and Persian citrus from his two decks afront of a psychedelic backdrop of flavours. Dr Funk is the trippy lovechild of Funk Estate and Doctor’s Orders Brewing. Frankenstein; no. Groovy yuzu, black lime tart and addictive nectar; yes. Enjoy.”

You can find the range in store and online here: