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Wheat Beer Glasses (German Hefeweizen Beer Glass)

1st Jan 2014

We often get asked in store about different beer glasses, so I thought I'd do a series of blog posts about different beer glasses. While there are thousands of beer glasses on the market by and large they are based on a a handful of core beer glass styles. These core styles include lager, stemmed, chalice, mug, pint, stange, pilsner, snifter and stein.  This blog post is dedicated to tall Wheat Beer Glasses.

Wheat Beer glasses, also known as Weizen Glasses in their home country of Germany are tall and curvacious in nature. They are the authentic way to serve german hefeweizens. Some quick facts about wheat beer glasses:  

Franziskaner Wheat beer Glass

- They generally hold 500ml worth of beer with room for head

- The size of the glass is for 2 reasons. One is that German beers often come in 500ml bottles and hefeweizens are heady carbonated beers. Both of these mean that a larger glass size is needed to accomodate the beer

- The glass is wider at the top than at the base. This aids in the production of head as well as increasing the exposure to air when the glass is tilted backwards during drinking.

- A narrower bottom also allows the beer to stay cooler for longer. As this is where it is likely to be held by the drinker a smaller surface area means less contact with warm hand and therefore a colder beer for longer.

At the time of this blog post we stocked two wheat beer glasses:

Spiegelau Wheat Beer Glass

These glasses come in a twin pack and each glass

holds 700ml and are made from lead free crystal

Franziskaner Branded Wheat Beer Glass

Branded with the recognisable Franziskaner logo thisglass is

sold as a single and is a must have for any wheat beer lover.

Holds approximately 600ml.