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​White Bay Modisch Marzen Lager 440ml Can

​White Bay Modisch Marzen Lager 440ml Can

14th Apr 2022

Available online & in store:

Beer Description: This amber lager holds a special place in our hearts. We’ve challenged ourselves to make the ultimate session beer to welcome the autumnal season change. We brewed this beer on the 12th of January knowing that by the time late March rolled around we’d have the hankering for something foamy we could gulp by the stein.

The base of this beauty is comprised of Pilsner and Munich malts. It went through a lengthy 4-step mash and was generously hopped with Magnum and Hallertau Mittelfruh hops. We fermented this beer cold with our favourite lager strain and it’s naturally carbonated. This beer is unfiltered and has been packaged exactly 10 weeks after we brewed it, the lengthy cold conditioning time allowing for yeast to settle naturally and development of the nicest, tiniest bubbles. For us on the brew team this beer is a testament to the old adage that good things come to those who wait.

Great Photo by: @whitebaybeer