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Wild Beer BrettBrett Double IPA 2018

Wild Beer BrettBrett Double IPA 2018

29th Jun 2018

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Beer description: A west coast style double IPA.
This wonderful wild yeast strain is a slow burner, it likes to hang around and eat everything it can. If it is left to its own devices is will eventually begin to eat the cellulose in the wood of the barrels What this translates into is a super crisp and fresh double IPA, extremely well-attenuated, allowing all the hop character to come to the fore.

This wild yeast actually preserves hop character as well and as it likes to hang around, it is still actively evolving the beer as it ages producing different flavour compounds and then consuming them only to recreate different flavour compounds!

What we are left with is an outstanding Double IPA which is remarkable fresh and also develops beautifully.

The vanilla pods add something a little special to the character of the beer. Helping produce an elegant, creamy, soothing confection of aromas and flavours. It’s like a rich dessert in a glass.

Photo by: @fantasticfilm