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​Wildflower x Brash Higgins Zibeerbo Wild Ale

​Wildflower x Brash Higgins Zibeerbo Wild Ale

19th Jun 2020

Beer description: Zibeerbo is a golden barrel matured Australian Wild Ale aged with Muscat of Alexandria (Zibibbo) skins after six months in terracotta amphora from our friends at Brash Higgins.⠀

Upon release, it’s nose is dominated by the Muscat skins. Hop-like aromas of citrus, ripe peach, musk/perfume and earthy spice. The palate shows strongly of the gold beer base, focused and taut. Strong pithy citrus fruits drive the palate along, keeping the beer fresh and energetic. Subtle vinous elements add to the beer’s length and overall acid drive. In time expect the palate to soften and gain texture.⠀