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Wolf of the Willows Blood Red IPA Fantastic shot by:...

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Wolf of the Willows Blood Red IPA

Fantastic shot by: @craftyfollow

Beer description: A true West Coast Red IPA - hops, hops and more hops balanced by lovely caramel malts. This beer is characterised by a punch of citrus, pine and stone fruit hops on the nose followed by aromas of toasted malts. The forward palate comes with a wave of resiny hop flavour followed by a strong malt backbone which is balanced by a dry rear palate and a signature IPA bitterness. The lovely red colour comes from a secret mixture of caramal malts, Maris Otter and biscuit malt. Despite the heavy hopping regime the malts provide balance without being cloying or too sweet.

Available in store & online: http://www.beercartel.com.au/wolf-of-the-willows-blood-red-ipa/

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