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​Wolf of the Willows Jalisco Sour Ale⠀

​Wolf of the Willows Jalisco Sour Ale⠀

18th Jun 2019

Beer description: Introducing our 2019 GABS Festival beer “Jalisco Sour”, inspired by the Jalisco region of Mexico, home to #TequilaTromba #gabs19.⠀

In collaboration with Tequila Tromba and a legendary crew of #melbourne cocktail bartenders, an “Agave Sour” beer was created. Agave, the base ingredient of Tequila, has been combined with chargrilled pineapples in a pinch of Mexican spice, then kettle soured….Think sour, spice and all things…⠀

That’s not all! This beer is to be served with its own salt, spice and slice of lime to the rim of the can for that extra kick.⠀

Available online & in store:⠀

Photo by: @goodtimescraftbeer