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World's Oldest Beer Reviewed: Yeast Extracted from A 220 Year Old Salvaged Bottle of Beer

16th Jun 2016

In this video Geoff from Beer Cartel, wine sommelier William Wilson from Cammeray Craft and BJCP Qualified Michael Doherty review what is possibly the worlds oldest beer, recreated using yeast found in bottles from a 1797 shipwreck off the coast of Tasmania, Australia.

Two beers are sampled and reviewed in this video:

1. Single Strain Saccharomyces

2. Mix Yeast Strain Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces

Both beers had the same base beer, an all grain English Pale Ale brewed on a 25 Litre Grain Father system. The beer was brewed by Daryl Howard and David Thurrowgood at The Queen Victoria Museum in Launceston Tasmania.

The beer is an English Pale Ale, brewed with 5kg malted barley and 175 grams of crystal malt. English Kent Golding Hops were used at all stages of the brew.

A 15 minute video was created by ABC TV for their Catalyst program, which goes into more detail about the salvage of the bottles from which the yeast strains were recovered.