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​Wylam Room 237 DDH Pale Ale

​Wylam Room 237 DDH Pale Ale

13th Mar 2020

Beer description: DDH Pale⠀

‘What will it be Mr. Torrance?’…⠀

'Give me a hair of the dog that bit me Lloyd’…⠀

'A can of Wylam’s Room 237 Sir’? Double dry hopped excessively with Bru 1 and Galaxy along with a complex grist of Oats, Wheat, Dextrin, Rye and Golden Promise’…⠀

'You set them up and I’ll knock them back one by one! White mans burden Lloyd my man… white mans burden’.⠀

Room 237 is a 2012 American documentary film directed by Rodney Ascher about interpretations of Stanley Kubrick’s film The Shining (1980) which was adapted from the 1977 novel of the same name by Stephen King.⠀