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​Yulli’s Cucumber & Lemon Myrtle Table Beer 375ml Can

​Yulli’s Cucumber & Lemon Myrtle Table Beer 375ml Can

6th Jan 2022

Available online & in store:⠀

Beer Description: Good news food lovers! Here’s the summer beer to accompany all your festive feasts. Introducing our latest Special Batch - Cucumber & Lemon Myrtle Table Beer!⠀

At 3.4% abv it’s low enough in alcohol that you can have a few, yet still flavourful enough to accompany a robust dish. We’ve added cucumber to provide a crisp, cool and refreshing flavour and complimented it with hand picked lemon myrtle. Expect light spicy phenolics, bright farmhouse character and a lively effervescent carbonation.⠀

Great Photo by: @yullisbrews