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  • BrewDog Watt Dickie


BrewDog Watt Dickie

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Country: Scotland

Brewery: BrewDog

Style: Eisbock

Format: 60ml Bottle

ABV: 35%

Watt Dickie is a spirit born out of our stone-faced misadventures in high ABV brewing. The bastard lovechild of the technique we developed to produce idiosyncratic masterpieces such as Tactical Nuclear Penguin, Sink the Bismarck and the infamous End of History – a beer which reached 55% ABV. 

This is an insanely amplified IPA masquerading as a spirit. A faux spirit, a dead spirit, a new spirit. Born as an India Pale Ale, Watt Dickie then undergoes patent pending (and consequentely for now secret) freezing alchemy which transforms the beer into a high octane roller coaster of flavour, craftsmanship, originality and audacity. 

The process condenses & amplifies the flavour, body and mouth-feel resulting in full bodied malty, hoppy rock 'n roll opulence which is unlike anything you (or anyone else) has ever tasted before. Watt Dickie is uncarbonated and designed to be drunk and enjoyed as a spirit: have it neat, have it on the rocks or even make a cocktail with it.

Product Reviews


  1. 4 Star Review Interesting. Not really a beer so much as a spirit

    I wasn't sure what to expect from this. It's a 35% beer, for crying out loud! I wasn't even sure if I was supposed to serve it chilled (I did).
    First impressions were of the alcohol burn on the glass. The flavour is like a very intense beer concentrate, followed by a strong alcohol burn. I doubt I would drink it again; I would have liked the alcohol to be more integrated into the beer flavour, but worth trying if you are a bit of a beer geek

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