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  • Colonial Pale Ale

Colonial Brewing Co

Colonial Pale Ale

$5.00 $5.00

Country: Australia

Brewery: Colonial

Style: American Pale Ale

Format: 375ml Can

ABV: 4.4%

Meet the pale ale that makes others pale by comparison. Artfully brewed to sit between traditional American and Australian pale ales, our master brewers searched the world for the perfect combination of hops, blending USA favourites with Australia's hop heroes to create the perfect pale. The result is a tropical-tinged treat that's a glowing golden in colour, with subtle hints of passionfruit, pine and spicy botanics. Smooth and approachable but packed with aromatic hops, Colonial Pale Ale is brewed to linger on the palette, not overpower it.





Product Reviews


  1. 4 Star Review Solid as they come

    Great ale very enjoyable

  2. 4 Star Review well rounded and balanced pale ale

    just the right amount of body and maltiness to be creamy but still be easy to drink, just the right amount of hoppiness, not too bland but not overpowering like, say, the new wave of north American west coast craft DIPA's.

  3. 5 Star Review Great beer, even greater can!

    Very nice and well rounded Pale Ale. Just what you need of bitterness, fruitiness and body. The can is the 5 star make for me. The drinking experience is "glass like" albeit "glass free". Great Packaging!

  4. 4 Star Review Colonize This

    A refreshing Golden Ale that stands out from the rest of the colony - nice bitter & hoppy taste in a unique pouring / drinking can

  5. 5 Star Review Touch Beer!

    This beer is best opened after boredom has set in while in the company of others. The usual reaction upon opening is basically identical to the reaction of seeing a touch screen for the first time. It is guaranteed to reduce or cure depression for anyone within a 10m radius, however will significantly increase the likelihood of your beer being touched or swiped. Use only as directed. Apply liberally.

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