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  • Dad & Dave's 1 Pale Ale

Dad & Dave's Brewing

Dad & Dave's 1 Pale Ale

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Country: Australia

Brewery: Dad & Dave's Brewing, Curl Curl, NSW

Style: English Pale Ale

Format: 330ml Bottle

ABV: 4.6%

This beer is the creation of Dave Dumay, a chef who started making his own beer back in 2007 because, on an apprentice wage, a case of beer represented a large chunk of his weekly pay.

Curiosity soon took over. Enlisting the help of his father, who had dabbled in brewing, they started experimenting with different grains and hops. They then discovered an introductory weekly brewing course offered by Ballarat University. 

After attending they then purchased around $5,000 of homebrew equipment and enrolled in Ballarat University's 2 year Graduate Certificate of Brewing, convinced starting their own beer company was the thing to do. 

Dad & Dave's #1 Pale Ale is the company's first offering with future plans to release two more signature beers to their range, tipped to be an Organic Lager and an Oaked Porter.

Product Reviews


  1. 4 Star Review Very refreshing and easy drinking

    At the risk of sounding condecending, which I'm not trying to be, I class this as a middle of the road beer. I like it and it's easy to smash a few down. To me it's not big on flavour, but it's also not big on hops and I like that. Much prefer #1 to #2, haven't tried #3 yet.

  2. 4 Star Review Great beer

    A very refreshing and more-ish beer. I like the #1 much better than the #2.

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