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Dark Beer Limited Edition Mixed 12 Pack #2


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About The Beer

Big, dark and emerging from the deep dark winter abyss, these beers will take no prisoners so be prepared!

Featuring 12 of our favourite Stouts and Black IPAs, plus we have sneaked in an epic Imperial Porter as well as a classic Belgian Strong Dark Ale. Some new releases and some absolute staff favourites.

The line-up:

1. Modus Operandi Phantom Calavera Mexican Hot Choc Stout 500ml Can

Inspired by the theatrics of an iconic opera and an ancient Mayan and Aztec hot chocolate recipe, Modus brewers have infused cocoa and vanilla into this velvet chocolate stout, delicately spiced it with flavours of cayenne pepper and warming cinnamon and softly, deftly sung in operatic tones during its fermentation. The caressing warmth will creep up on you quicker than you can say, BRAVO.

The dark creation of brewing bliss hits you with a CRESCENDO of flavours and will have you singing ENCORE towards the end of the big can! ABV: 6.5%

2. Dainton Burnout Black IPA 355ml Can

This full-throttle, 5-hop injected single overhead Cam (Turner) Black IPA roars with dark malt backbone and fills your nostrils with fumes of pine and resin. Kettle to the Metal! 6.5% ABV

3. Mountain Culture Moon Dust 355ml Can

A sessionable stout made for misty mountain days. Rich cocoa and coffee notes rise above its smooth, creamy caramel body leaving space for only a hint of residual bitterness.  5.6% ABV

4. Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout 355ml Can

Our Peanut Butter Milk Stout is simply irresistible. It’s like dark chocolate Reese’s in a glass! Rolled oats and Lactose add to the creamy body of this beer while heavenly aromas of roasted buttery peanuts and chocolate greet you with every sip. Try this out with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a real treat!
Silver Medal – World Beer Championships 2014.  5.4% ABV

5. Willie The Boatman Cappuccino Stout 375ml Can

A rich and decadent sweet stout. Made using rich chocolate speciality malts, lactose and rolled oats for a sweet creamy and full malt body. We then add huge amounts of coarsely ground Colombian and Rawandan coffee beans from our friendly neighbourhood roasters, Sample coffee. Generous amounts of Tanzanian roasted cacao nibs from Zokoko. And a healthy dose 100% pure fresh vanilla extract. The end result is a beautifully balanced sweet & creamy choc coffee milk stout with big choc coffee flavour and aroma with subtle hints of vanilla milk coming through on the finish. 5.8% ABV

6. Big Shed Golden Stout 375ml Can

This beer is a tribute to the classic Golden Gaytime ice cream. Brewed for GABS 2015. 5.4% ABV

7. Ocean Reach Gippy Chocolate Fudge Stout 500ml Can

A bold traditional Stout devoted to strong chocolate fudge like aromatics and flavours. Vast malts are like the friendliest of G’day’s and you’ll be sure to find plenty of sweet complexity and balance here. With a smooth silky finish as warming as the friendship of man’s best friend. 7.9% ABV

8. Kaiju Call of Cthulhu Black IPA 375ml Can

The beer on the moon sucks. Ask Cthulhu - he knows the gravity's too low. Partial to an oxymoron, when he's thirsty he always reaches for a KAIJU! Black IPA... and destroys it. Two-time gold medal winner at the AIBAs. A complex malt bill, yet refreshing beer delivers layers of roasty flavors, coffee and panela, offset by a herbaceous hop profile. 6.5% ABV

9. Kees Export Imperial Porter 330ml Can

Black and sticky to the bone! 10.5% ABV

10. Rochefort 8 Belgian Strong Dark Ale 330ml Bottle

Originally called "Spécial," Rochefort 8 dates to the mid-1950s. The name comes from the original gravity in "Belgian degrees." Deep brown color; the flavor is vigorous and complex, with firm body to support the strength. The aroma has elusive notes of fresh fruit, spice, leather, and figs. 9.2% ABV

11. Hawkers Stout 375ml Can

Rich aromas of espresso mingle with characters of chocolate and roasted malt atop a pillowy tan head. It’s a seductive dance in the darkness, boasting deep, alluring flavours and a lush, rounded body. Peaceful, dark, and sultry... 5.4% ABV

12. Singlecut Eric More Cowbells Milk Stout 473ml Can

We've got a fever. And there is only one cure: a lusciously creamy, slightly sweet Stout that sits atop a chocolate and roast malt base that will rock all night long. 6% ABV


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