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Dark Beer Limited Edition Mixed 12 Pack #5


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About The Beer

Big, dark and emerging from the deep dark winter abyss, these beers will take no prisoners so be prepared!

Featuring 12 of our favourite Stouts, Porters, plus we have sneaked in a couple of epic Imperial Stouts. Some new releases and some absolute staff favourites.

The line-up:

1. Mother Earth Milk Truck Nitro Milk Stout 440ml Can

Our signature dark ale is the best part of waking up. Opaque in appearance, but with a marshmallow softness, we use specially chosen roasted malts to impart a non-astringent, darkness that laces the glass and your mouth from the first sip. Accentuated by the use of Vanilla, lactose, and a heavy dose of oats, this big-bodied stout further impresses by finishing with a rich coffee aroma. 5.8% ABV

2. Deep Creek Mademoiselle Espresso Martini Stout 440ml Can

The origins of this recipe take us back to the late nights of 1980's, where a famous model asked London bartender, Dick Bradel, to create a drink that would wake her up. Rich coffee, smooth vanilla & luxurious dark chocolate, blended together to accent the stouts dark chocolate malt flavours. Café, vanille et chocolat? Dans une bière? Merci Mademoiselle! 8.5% ABV

3. Fox Hat Phat Mongrel Oatmeal Stout 375ml Can

A big phat rounded american style stout finished with a nitro charge. To the eye, a deep black abyss, hissing up coffee coloured nitro bubbles, topped with a rich, creamy head. Up your nose, the initial pungent and complex hop aroma gets piny and resinous before fading to the rich, roasted chocolatey malt body. In your mouth, the assertive hop flavours and 70 IBUs of bitterness on the front mellow to a sweet, phat, chocolate and toasted malt combination, while the 6.5% ABV warms you all the way down. 

4. Otherside Sabbath Dessert Stout 375ml Can

Our annual dessert stout, this time with caramel and locally roasted coffee. indulgent without being cloying, the perfect after dinner beer. 6.6% ABV

5. Yulli's Dad's Army Brix Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 375ml Can

A bold Imperial stout aged in Oak Barrels from Starward Whiskey for just over 3 months where it picked up an abundance of character, balanced by its huge roasted malt character and silky mouthfeel. 9.4% ABV

6. Bach Velvet Marley Cherry Chocolate Stout 440ml Can

Inspired by a Cherry Ripe chocolate bar, but we dispensed with the coconut and it’s more Jelly Tip with dark chocolate. A Marley is a contented laid-back surfer after a long, really good surf. Brewed with dark and delicious chocolate and roasted malts, juicy cherries and raspberries with lashings of Central American Cacao. Stating the obvious; chocolate and berries on the nose which follow though in the mouth coating the palate with rich and warming flavour. 6.6% ABV

7. Nomad Powder Day Choc Mint Double Milk Stout 440ml Can

Made using chocolate malts, creamy lactose and decadent winter dessert flavours. Imagine an Arnotts mint slice blitzed up into a delicious dark beer.  7.8% ABV

8. Big Shed x Dainton Cherry and Rhubarb Dark Lager 375ml Can

This dark lager has soft chocolate, caramel and coffee notes that team up well with tart and fruity flavours from 200kg of rhubarb and cherries added on brew day. 5.8% ABV

9. Pirate Life Short Stack Imperial Brown Ale 355ml Can

Just what this blustery weather calls for - an Imperial Brown Ale loaded with flavour. What’s that? It’s a Burton collab too?! Even better.

Eight malt variants give it a sturdy backbone and dark toffee hue, while Columbus and Fuggles hops gift earthy notes. Of course, it ain’t a stack without maple syrup - we went with 50 litres in boil, courtesy of our good mates at Slopeside Syrup.

Glug, glug.

Once poured, you’ll get aromas of caramel fudge, pot coffee, and baked oat slice. The palate is viscous and rich, spurring imagery of maple syrup flowing from the pancake’s edge - which is kinda what we were shooting for. 8% ABV

10. Moo Brew Imperial Stout 375ml Can

Some call it the Velvet Sledgehammer. Jet black, intense and deceptively smooth. 8% ABV

11. Nomad Brookie Dark Ale 330ml Can

A classic refreshing dark ale brewed with roasted malts giving the beer a rich, dark flavour and colour. Hints of coffee and chocolate if you’re looking for that, otherwise if you’re not it’s just a great refreshing dark beer! 4.5% ABV

12. White Bay Oatmeal Stout 355ml Can

This wonderful seasonal stout is deep, complex & layered with refined bitterness. Think creme brûlée, dark roasted coffee, cacao & charred hazelnuts. The addition of oats brings a warm, toasted cereal quality; Lactose adds softness and texture. 5.9% ABV

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