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Dark Beer Limited Edition Mixed 12 Pack

Imperial Stout | Porter

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About The Beer

Big, dark and emerging from the deep dark winter abyss, these beers will take no prisoners so be prepared! Version #13 of our dark beer pack is ready to go for your drinking pleasure.

Featuring 12 of our favourite Stouts, Porters and Dark ales. We've also sneaked in a couple of epic Imperial sized dark beers for you, including a the classic iStout from New Zealand's 8 Wired!

The line-up:

1. 8 Wired iStout Imperial Stout 440ml Can

The "I" might be in lower case, but beware - this is a capital beer. Brimming with luscious roasted coffee and chocolate malt flavours, iStout is balanced by a brisk bitterness and bold hoppy freshness. As with all our beers, this beer is a very modern interpretation of this classic style. ABV 10%

2. Double Vision Cocowbell Coconut Chocolate Milk Stout 440ml Can

Dropping in with delicious Coconut and Creamy notes, the can hits your lip and you cut back for another sip. As you get down the line, a swell of Chocolate barrels across your palate so you can paddle back out and do it all over again. Mooove over in the lineup, cuz this drop's the teats! Flavours: Chocolate malts, Coconut, Lactose and Cacao Nibs sit on the delicious base malts making a silky smooth and moreish stout. ABV 6%

3. Deep Creek Octo Oatmeal Stout 440ml Can

Embrace the allure of ‘Octo’, from the depths of the deep dark abyss, bringing Oatmeal Stout perfection. Develop your palate with a luscious cascade of roasted malts, intricately woven with the smooth embrace of creamy oats. ABV 5.5%

4. Bacchus Lamington Dark Ale 375ml Can

Flavours of light sponge coated with chocolate & toasted coconut ABV 5%

5. Yulli's Dad's Army Chris' Imperial Stout Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrel Aged 375ml Can

Barrel aged imperial stout - aged for 3 months in Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels. ABV 9.2%

6. Duncan's Coco Husk Chocolate Stout 330ml Can

Infused with cocoa husks, a by product of the chocolate making process, this stout possesses rich, deep flavour and aroma. ABV 6.1%

7. Hop Nation Turon Milk Stout 375ml Can

Brewed to celebrate the 6th birthday of our mates Mr West, inspired by Kariton Sorbetes turon gelato. Layers of banana, muscovado butterscotch, spring roll pastry, jackfruit and organic Tahitian vanilla encapsulated in a rich, creamy, silky stout. Contains lactose. ABV 6%

8. Dangerous Ales Uncle Damo's Oaths Oatmeal Stout 355ml Can

Uncle Damo's Stout boasts rich roasted malt, chocolate, and toffee aromas, complemented by a creamy head, full body, and smooth bitterness. ABV 4.7%

9. Good Folk Black Lager 375ml Can

A dark lager, with subtle notes of fresh roasted coffee, dark chocolate balanced with sweet plum and raisin. These flavours are derived from Voyager Voodoo Schooner, Midnight Wheat and Chocolate Malt, a smidge of Loral and Hallertau Tradition give the perfect floral, earthy aroma this black beer needs. Clean cold ferment on lager yeast creates the light body and easy drinking nature of this beer. ABV 4.9%

10. Prancing Pony Miss Kitty Schwarzbier 375ml Can

Miss Kitty, the Saloon boss has been spooking around the brewer’s head for a long time. Miss Kitty is dark and alluring with a refreshing personality. A Black Lager styled on a traditional German ‘Schwarzbier’, with roasted flavours, a low bitterness making it perfect for a winters evening. You can pour this Limited Release until your fingers get wet. ABV 4.8%

11. Rocks Brewing Porter 375ml Can

Seasonal Release A delicious chocolaty medium sweet American Porter. Flavours and aromas of sweet malt, biscuit, chocolate, coffee and caramel. With a medium bitterness and silky full mouthfeel. ABV 5.2%

12. Three Tails Brown Eyed Girl American Brown Ale 440ml Can

A delicious classic American style brown ale with a slight happiness and all the lovely flavours of a brown you'd expect. ABV 5.7%



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