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  • Gypsy Fox Original Ale American Wheat Ale

Gypsy Fox Brewing Co

Gypsy Fox Original Ale American Wheat Ale

$6.50 $6.50

Country: Australia

Brewery: Gypsy Fox Brewing Co

Style: Wheat Beer

Format: 375ml Can

ABV: 4.2%

Original Ale delivers a subtle hop flavour with aromas of citrus, melon, tropical fruit and a hint of floral spice. Whether you're a malt fan or a hop lover, this foxy, American Wheat ale is a pleaser all round.

Product Reviews


  1. 5 Star Review Great summer beer

    The taste is extremely clean from start to finish with slight hoppiness with the body, which then carries through to the back of your tongue, having it stick around for more than a minute

    You'll encounter the a non-intrusive citrusy and spicy body that lingers, feeling like an orange mixed with a combo of coriander with light peppery notes

    If drank too fast, the lingering hoppy can start to over stack and overwhelm your palette, but the clean crisp taste will make you want more of it, making you want more.

    Ideal beer for amateur beer drinkers due to the uncomplicated notes with clean taste, but can detracting due to the need to pace the drinking speed as the hops can really overwhelm you

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