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  • Hawthorn Brewing Co Pilsner

Hawthorn Brewing Company

Hawthorn Brewing Co Pilsner

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Country: Australia

Brewery: Hawthorn Brewing Company

Style: Bohemian Pilsener

Format: 330ml Bottle

ABV: 4.6%

A clean and crisp Czech inspired pilsner brewed with a generous helping of noble european hops.

Product Reviews


  1. 3 Star Review Middle of the road pilsner

    We served this in a flute glass. The clear, bright golden pour offers brilliant transparency as the loosely packed 1 and a half finger head reduced to a lonesome patch in the middle of the beer. Minimal lacing is expected. We're detecting a malt-forward aroma with plenty of honey sweetness, grains, rice and biscuit. Quite buttery too. The German Noble hops do a good job of providing the light florals, spice and a little citrus to offset the malts. In the mouth it's mineraly with a super smooth texture. The carbonation is mild and the body mild-medium. A light dose of bitterness with a muted citrus taste gets things underway. Instantly a malty/honey sweetness nullifies the hops and leads a hint of florals through the mid, delivering a soft, sweet finish with a restrained bitterness on the back palate. Not bad. 4.6% ABV is modest, although most European-style pilsners are on the lower end of the scale. Look, it's nothing memorable but it would definitely go down well on a hot summers day. Crisp, refreshing and sessional.....that's about it. Visit www.2hopheads.com for more beer reviews.

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